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In East China, nearby the Yangtze River, there’s a factory named Changzhou Hanko Electronics Co., Ltd., with 21 years’ experience of designing / producing / exporting different kinds of LED Lights / Garden Lights / Solar Lights / Garden Lanterns / Solar Candles.  This factory is quite different from those regular factories in China, they’re good at new items designing, they’re good at quality control, and they only produce fine quality products.


The founder of this company, Mr. Wingman told us, they are very proud to have a few “firsts” in the world as below:

1. LED G45 bulbs.

Everybody knows that during the time before the year 2000’, people were always using the traditional Edison tungsten bulbs. And then, from early 2000’, LED bulb started to appear in people’s daily life. But at that time, the led bulbs were very heavy and big with aluminum body / part (for heat sinking purpose), and the sizes / figures were not at the exact same as regular traditional Edison bulbs. And Hanko is the first company that developed and produced LED/G45 Golf Ball Bulbs in the world, which is with exact same size / figure as the regular traditional Edison G45 Bulbs. With this kind of LED/G45 bulbs, people could enjoy using them for decorating their Christmas / Parties / Gardens, with different LED colors, or RGB.


2. Solar Glass Bricks.

Trust many people know this product ------ Solar Glass Bricks, and they’re very popular nowadays. But do you know, it’s Hanko whom developed this kind of creative product firstly in the world?  The original idea / inspiration came from a glass ash tray. Mr. Wingman once saw a glass ash tray on the table, and then he had an idea, since the glass was transparent, why not put the solar panel and LED inside it, in the daytime it can absorb the sun power, and in the evening it’ll be with ice-effect light.  Therefore, with continuous effort and improvement, this series of wonderful Solar Iced Glass Light are widely accepted by the consumers worldwide…


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3. Solar Candles.

Do you know that Hanko is also the first factory in the world to develop and produce Solar Candles?  Hanko started to produce Battery Operated Candle lights since the early 2000’.  And then the founder (Mr. Wingman) got inspiration from the solar glass brick lights, why not put the solar panel inside the half-transparent plastic shell of the candles, using bigger solar panel in order to calculate the loss / efficiency of the sun power going through the plastic shell? After testing /improving again and again, they succeeded ~


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4. Solar Plastic Rattan Lanterns.

Perhaps you don’t know that Hanko is the first factory in the world to develop and produce Solar Plastic Rattan Lanterns, which can be found easily in different stores in many different countries currently.

Before Hanko’s creative development, in the market you could only find those traditional rattan lanterns, disadvantages of them: not really for outdoor use, not so many options of sizes/ figures, and the weaving efficiency is very slow…


And Hanko made special effort and successfully developed new generation of Solar Plastic Rattan Lanterns, making millions of the consumers could enjoy the nice decoration of their garden life…


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And in fact, there’s a blog, having specific introduction about this topic.  You’re welcome to visit this link to get more detailed information:  https://www.hankoelectronics.com/Why-choose-Hanko-Solar-Rattan-Lanterns-id45737267.html.

Hanko factory has some more “firsts” in the world, next time we’ll share with you in another article .  What do you think about this factory, please?

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