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“Magician” of the Night---Garden light

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The beauty of garden lights is that even when the sun goes down, you can never stop enjoying the beautiful garden. Whether it's plants, Architecture Articles, or roads, With the combination of lighting, the whole scene can look very different during the day and night. Even garden lighting can be unique, Perfectly matched with the landscape.

On the market, garden lights can be divided into two kinds according to the power supply mode: one is the general plug-in power mode, which needs to be connected to wires for lighting, which is more troublesome; The other is the current more popular lighting method, which uses solar energy as a power source, which is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and more convenient to use.  

Below are some solar lights which can perfectly decorate your garden:

1. Solar Garden Path Way Light

Ideal for decorating your garden path / garden deck / table ...    

2. Solar Rope Light

Natural Material, with Natural Looking

Ideal for decorating your garden / Pathway / balcony ...

3. Solar Glass Stone light

Ideal for decorating your garden path / garden deck / table ...

4. Solar Iron Water lily

Ideal for decorating your garden path / garden deck / table, adding an ambient atmosphere to your life......

5. Solar pendant light

Easy to hang and set up. Ideal for decorating your garden gazebos , adding an ambient atmosphere to your life......

6. Solar Rattan Basket lantern

Ideal for decorating your garden / table / house... it's also good for home decoration even without light....

For more garden decorative lighting / lantern/ solar light / garden light, welcome to visit website www.hankoelectronics.com

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