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New Trend of Solar Garden Lights

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Since Solar Garden Lights have many advantages, such as, energy saving, no electricity cable needed, easy to use, convenient to install, more and more people in the world are loving to use Solar Lights to decorate their gardens, courtyard, backyard, balconies etc..  

Are you tired of the regular / cheap solar lights in the current market?  And what’s the new trend of the Solar Garden Lights?   This article would like to try to list some of them.

1. To use the natural material.

Yes, it’s becoming more and more popular to use natural materials for the solar garden lights. For example, metal material, stone material, hemp rope, glass material, wooden material, Pottery material and so on. Using this kind of solar lights in your garden, they will keep harmony with your garden well.



2. To use the natural-looking finish.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to use natural material due to the specific usage or designs for the solar garden lights, then it’s a way out to imitate the surface finish of stone, wooden, bamboo, or wicker / rattan.  With the special treatment of painting or other techniques, the looking of the solar lights will make you feel they’re really like the natural materials.



3. To use mixed materials or mixed colors.

The trend shows that it’s also getting popular to use mixed materials or mixed colors for solar garden lights. This way it will be much better than only using one material. The using of different materials such as metal, plastic, glass etc., or using two or three different colors together, making the solar lights with more texture and quality. What do you think, please?  Do you also like this kind of solar lights, please?


4. To match your garden furniture.

Trust you have some garden furniture (such as outdoor sofa, sunshade, outdoor table / chairs etc.) in your lovely garden. Then it’ll be a good idea to use some nice & quality solar lights together with the garden furniture, either on the tables, or beside the sofa, or hanging on the sunshade.  And then the dreamy night garden of yours will surely attract your neighbors’ envy.


5. Nice & creative designs.

In order to make your garden more beautiful & attractive, and more different from the other people’s, or in order to add more ambient atmosphere to your garden party in late Spring or in Summer time, it is necessary for you to search for some solar lights with unique designs. However, it’s not so easy to find them in regular chain stores, you’ll have to spend some time checking in some higher end DIY Stores or Garden Centers, or checking in internet.  



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