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Outdoor Candles

Our outdoor garden candles include solar candles and battery operated candles, with a collection of many different sizes and diameters. Flameless candles are weather proof, easy to use, with good quality and low maintenance. They are the ideal way to create a romantic, glowing, and soft atmosphere in your outside space. Our outdoor candles are perfect for decorating your patios, balconies, gardens, outdoor tables, outdoor stairs, decks, and backyards.
You can not only use our exterior candles directly or individually, you can also choose the set of 2 or set of 3 candles, and you can add our solar candles or battery operated flameless candles into your outdoor garden lanterns.

Leading Manufacturer of Solar Candles Since 2001

Types Of Outdoor Candles

As a leading manufacturer of outdoor candles, we have many types of flameless candles, could meet different needs of your using to decorate your outdoor space. And they are large outdoor candles, outdoor candle lights, outdoor candle with timer, outdoor candle light dinner, solar outdoor candle, battery operated outdoor candle, plastic outdoor candle set, flameless outdoor candle, and outdoor candle lanterns.

Large Outdoor Candles

We also have extended range of indoor and outdoor LED candles to make sure your indoor space is an impactful as the exterior, you're sure to find the right candle lights for your home at Hanko.

Outdoor Candle Light Dinner

Looking for a good deal on romantic candle light dinner? explore a wide range of the best romantic candle light dinner at Hanko to find one that suits you! Besides good quality brands, Hanko also supplies you plenty of sizes and functions.

Plastic Outdoor Candle Set

Plastic candles are convenient to use, suitable for use at any kinds of weather, our outddor candles are ideal for decotating gardens, patios and balconies and make a great outdoor table feature.

Outdoor Candle Lights

Outdoor garden candles are the perfect way to create a soft,glowing atmosphere in your outside space. Made to the same reliable standards as our outdoor lights. Out outdoor candles are ideal for decotating gardens, patios and balconies and make a great outdoor table feature.

Solar Outdoor Candles

These candles are made up of plastic material & a small solar panel is attached to the body of the candle. Additionally, a AA or AAA rechargeable battery is also attached to it.

Flameless Outdoor Candles

Flameless outdoor candle designed to withstand the weather all year long. our collection of solar and battery operated candles features an array of low maintenance, decorative accents for any outddor space.

Outdoor Candle with Timer

Candlelight without the flame, realistic candle sets the patio aglow with the flip of the switch, or set the timer to turn it on at a designated time,and it will automatically turn off in five hours and relight at the same time each day. Indoor/outdoor pillar candle with timer.

Battery Operated Outdoor Candles

Controlled by an optional remote,our Battery operated flameless outdoor candles create instant ambience with the touch of a button. They have a realistic,fllickering glow and realistic burnt wick that create the ambience of candlelight without the mess or inconvenience.

Outdoor Candle Lanterns

Garden lanterns are a great way to add that extra decorative touch to your outside space. All out lantern lights are suitable for the outdoors, so you can rely on them to work when you need them most.

Leader of Outdoor Candles Supply, 

Leader of Garden Decorative Atmosphere Light Solution.

Outdoor candle manufacturer

Hanko is a leading manufacturer of outdoor / indoor flameless candle lights with 21 years experience. We offer best quality garden solar lanterns, outdoor garden lanterns and solar candles with creative designs and fine materials.

Full range of certificates

Nevertheless, customers should be confident in using Hanko's Garden Lights items, because they are made from high quality materials with CE / ROHS / REACH certified, ISO9001 approved.

Nice design with good quality

Our fine quality outdoor candle Lanterns are with nice design, with fine quality, and they are portable, easy to use, for outdoor use, suitable & ideal to decorate your dream garden, and could match your garden furniture well.

Many different types of Outdoor Lanterns

We have many different types of Outdoor candle Lanterns --- Solar candles, battery operated candle, Outdoor candle Lanterns, etc...


More and more new garden lanterns will be designed and developed and manufactured by Hanko. And more and more wholesellers and importers love to work with us, since we welcome their own new designs / new ideas, and we could only produce for them.

Hot Sale Outdoor Candles

HANKO high quality outdoor candles

We are the first factory in the world to develop and mass-produce Solar Candles, obtaining a patent in China. Our Solar Candles (LED Flameless Candle) are of fine quality, suitable for using individually / directly on the table or on the floor, and could be used inside the outdoor garden lanterns;

And our Battery Operated Candles (LED Flameless Candle) is also our special, also with patent in China, and could be for indoor and outdoor use, could be used individually / directly on the table or on the floor, and could be used inside the indoor and outdoor lanterns. And furthermore, our Battery Operated Candles are usually with 5-hour Timer function, with this function, we could use it more conveniently, and could save energy.

It's really a wise choice to use our Solar Candles and Battery Operated Candles to decorate your home / garden.
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    We are a real factory / manufacturer ever since 2001. And we have Plastic Injection Workshop, Metal Workshop, Electronics Workshop, Assembling Workshop, and Packing Workshop, and with a large Warehouse.
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    We only produce fine quality products. We are always trying to be different from the other regular factories, we focus more on strict quality control. And our products are widely accepted and trusted by various customers such as Costco, Target, CTC, QVC etc….
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    We gain many of the necessary certificates & qualification, such as CE, ROHS, ISO9001, BSCI etc., our products could enter different countries / markets smoothly, especially in North American countries and European countries.


  • The answer is yes. LED candles can be used outdoors, but outdoor candles with weatherproof function should be selected. As one of the largest solar candles factories in China, we can confidently recommend our outdoor candles to you. They are not only weatherproof, durable, beautiful, but also having the same flickering effect as real candles. You can also choose battery and solar power supply according to your needs.
  • As a professional outdoor candles manufacturer, we can answer this question for you. For outdoor candles, they must firstly be weatherproof and corrosion resistant. We recommend Hanko's battery operated candles and solar flameless candles. They are weatherproof and use PP material to meet all your needs for outdoor candles.
  • First of all, if it is paraffin wax candles, we can't put it out in the rain, because the rain will certainly make the candles go out. We can choose outdoor flameless candles. They use led as light source. As an outdoor light, they have a weatherproof grade of IP44. You can use them in various outdoor scenes such as terraces, picnics table and courtyards. It is recommended that you check the battery operated candles and the solar flameless candles of Hanko.

  • As a professional outdoor candles supplier and environmental enthusiast, we recommend solar candles, because paraffin wax burning will produce many harmful substances, which are harmful to both the environment and human body. The new PP led flameless candle adopts simulation design and uses led as the light source, which will not produce harmful substances harmful to the environment and human body. At the same time, Hanko's led flameless candles use solar energy for power supply, which is also very environmentally friendly.

  • Nowadays, more and more people use led outdoor candles. In order to meet the needs of more people, LED outdoor candles are divided into battery powered outdoor candles and solar powered LED candles. Solar-powered LED outdoor candles are more suitable for outdoor use because they could absorb sunlight during the day to charge the battery automatically. Battery powered candles are not limited by sunlight, and can be used as long as a battery with energy storage is installed. So this style of candles can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • With the development of the times, LED outdoor candles have become an indispensable item for people's daily life. This outdoor candle integrates romance, sentiment, warmth, festivals, and carnival. It also has characteristics that paraffin does not have, such as safety, environmental protection, never heat, can avoid the occurrence of flames and fire, beautiful and generous, suitable for various places. It is precisely because of its flameless feature that it is often used outdoors, which means that the candle is easy to accumulate dust and get dirty, so how to clean dirty outdoor candles? There is no doubt that its advantages can be reflected here again, we only need to wipe off the gray layer with a rag.

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