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Battery Operated Iron Lanterns Manufacturer

Some people prefer to metal lanterns to decorate their homes, therefore, welcome to the kingdom of our Battery Operated Iron Lanterns, trust you could find some nice ones.

Leading Battery Operated Iron Lanterns Manufacturer  Since 2001

Battery Operated Iron Lanterns Manufacturer

The closer you come to our factory and to our garden lanterns items, the better will you be able to see that we're really different from those regular factories.

And as a leading manufacturer specializing in Metal Lanterns, we always pay more attention to creative design, production workmanship, and quality control.

We only produce fine quality products and do not follow the other suppliers' low cost / poor quality products, that's one of the reasons why we're trusted by 1000+ importers / wholesalers from Europe and North America.

The advantage of our Battery Operated Iron Lanterns is that they are both for indoor use and outdoor use, with a natural appearance and texture feeling.

They are ideal to decorate your home, your bedroom, living room, your corridor, or your balcony, matching your furniture & plant very well. And our decorative Iron Lanterns are with our LED Flameless Candles, and most of our Led Candles are with Timer functions, which is not only easy and convenient for consumers to use but also helps energy saving. With the help of the 5-hour-timer function, a pair of regular batteries could make our LED Candle work for over 2 months.Of course, if you like, you can also buy Solar Candles separately.

Why choose Battery Operated Iron Lanterns From Hanko?

Innovative Design

We have a strong & creative team, following the global trend, focusing on our own strength. Non-stop new items developing ------ we develop over 100 new items of Solar Lights / Solar Candles / Solar Lanterns / Battery Operated Iron Lanterns each year. This makes us distinguished from the other regular suppliers in China. And tailor-made designs are welcome.
While the other factories, they only produce those items already in the market, nothing new or special or creative.

Real Factory since 2001

We are a real factory ever since 2001. We have hardware workshop, plastic injection workshop, electronics workshop, assembling workshop, packing workshop, and large warehouse. During the past 21 years, we are working with those different importers / wholesalers (in the field of Solar Lights / Garden Lights / Solar Lanterns / Solar Candles / Battery Operated Iron Lanterns etc.) from all over the world. You are welcome to visit our factory, which is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China.

Product Quality

Our philosophy is --- We only produce fine quality products. As an ISO9001 approved manufacturer, we pay great attention to quality control. From the raw materials quality control to production lines quality control, from finished products quality control to before-delivery quality control, and to the long period of aging testing, our quality control is carried out in each step, in each place, in each time, and by each person. And that’s the reason why our solar garden lights, solar lanterns , solar candles and Battery Operated Iron Lanterns are widely accepted by our clients from Europe / North America /Australia.

Complete Qualification

We gain many of the necessary certificates & qualification, such as CE, ROHS, ISO9001, BSCI etc., our Solar Lights, Garden Lights, LED Candle Lights, Garden Lanterns, Battery Operated Iron Lanterns could enter different countries / markets smoothly, especially in North American countries and European countries.

Advanced Patents

For many brand new items of our solar lights / solar candles / garden lanterns / Battery Operated Iron Lanterns, we are proud to say that we’re the first designer / manufacturer in the world, and we have a lot of patents (Utility Model patent, and Design patent) in China, which could protect us and our clients from copying. Currently we noticed that some factories / companies are copying some of our creative solar rattan lanterns and solar led flameless candles, we’ll have to take some actions to protect our legal rights.

Some Differences between our Battery Operated Iron Lanterns and Other factories

1). We use thicker / chunkier material of Metal for our Garden Iron Lanterns ; while the other factories use thinner / smaller / lighter material of Metal;
2). We use powder coating for the finish of our Iron Lanterns, we check each product carefully / strictly, which can make sure of anti-rusting, while the other factories pay careless attention to that, and it’s quite easy for their metal lanterns to get rusty;
3). We use brand new material of plastic (meeting ROHS strictly), while the other factories use recycled material of plastic (in order to save cost, not really meeting ROHS);
4). We use high quality solar panel for our solar lightings, and when we declare 2V/80MA, it’s really 2V/80MA, while the other factories use 2V/50MA in stead of 2V/80MA;
5). We use high quality rechargeable batteries for our solar lights, and when we declare 1.2V/600MAH NI-MH Battery, it’s really 1.2V/600MAH, and it’s really NI-MH, while the other factories use 1.2V/300MA in stead of 1.2V/600MAH and use NI-CD in stead of NI-MH in order to save cost;
6). We use mixed materials (for example, glass + iron + plastic) to make sure of the fine texture / quality of our solar lamps, while some other factories are copying our solar garden lighting, making it just one material ------ only by plastic injection, which is really really cheap, and is killing the features / taste of these nice products …
7). We use manual weaving technique for our rattan lanterns / rattan basket lights, while others try to save cost, and just make the whole item by plastic injection, which makes it too cheap, killing the products again …
8). We check the quality of our solar lights at each step, during each process, by each person, and in each day. This way the quality could be guaranteed, while the other factories only check the quality in one or two steps / processes.

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With our experience, innovation, integrity, and professional attitude, we are determined to continuously serve our customers’ need and expectations.

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