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Solar Candles Light

It is a very wise choice to use solar flameless candles outdoors. They have the same flashing yellow effect as real candles, but they have IP44 waterproof grade and can be used in any weather. These classic pillars turn on automatically at nightfall and stay on for 6-8 hours,almost without any maintenance.
If you are a person who is good at finding beauty, you will find that in some warm or special moments, such as Christmas, wedding, memory, cemetery, etc., putting solar candles at the window, table,driveway, house or garden lawn will bring you a warm atmosphere.
As a professional company and wholesaler, we know what you need very well. Flat and wave top candles are the best-selling products. Candles with remote control and timing functions, LED tea wax, and special specifications can be customized.

Solar Candles Wholesaler

We have different sizes of candles for you to choose from. In addition to flameless candles for outside, we also introduced battery-powered electronic candles with 5-hour timer function and remote control candles , which are more suitable for indoor use. At the same time, these candles are also used as light sources in our garden candle lanterns.

Still not finding what you're looking for? Contact our consultants for more available products.


Solar Flameless Candles Specification

Style ‎Classic
Material ‎Plastic
Light Source LED、 Electric
LED Color Warm White
LED Temperature 3200 Kelvin
Power Source Solar powerd/activated、 Rechargable Battery operated
Charge Length 6-8 hours
Switch Options ON/ OFF/ 5-Timer、 ‎Remote Control
Water Resistant/waterproof Yes
IP Rating IP44
Controller Type Remote Control
Color Black、 red、 white、 gold、 yellow、  blue、 green etc.,
Shape pillar
Batteries Included Yes
Product Certification CE, ROHS, ISO9001, BSCI etc.,
Product Size Mini、 Small、 Large、 Extra Large、 Big、 Set、 Pack、 inch
Warranty(Year) 1
Application For outdoor、  lanterns、 outside、 garden、 christmas、 window、 patio、 decor、 cemetery、 grave、 holiday、 house、 home、 table、 indoor、 memory、 path、 dinner、 driveway、 floor、 park 、 pathway、 patio、 beach、 camp、 night etc.,

Solar flameless Candles Company & Wholesaler

As a leading manufacturer of outdoor candles, we have many types of flameless candles, could meet different needs of your using to decorate your outdoor space. And they are large outdoor candles, outdoor candle lights, outdoor candle with timer, outdoor candle light dinner, solar outdoor candle,  battery operated outdoor candle, plastic outdoor candle set, flameless outdoor candle, and outdoor candle lanterns.

Innovative outdoor candle manufacturer

Hanko is a leading manufacturer of outdoor/indoor flameless candle lights with 21 years of experience. We provide the best quality garden solar lamps, outdoor garden lamps and solar candles. We use sensors and smart switches innovatively. They can be called the best garden lights.

Trustworthy garden light supplier

We are located in China, and our business covers the world, such as America and the UK, Italy, Germany and other European countries, Customers should have confidence to use Hank's Garden Lights products because they are made of high-quality materials certified by CE/ROHS/REACH and ISO900l.

Provide multi-purpose perfect garden candles

Our high-quality outdoor garden candles is beautifully designed, suitable for window, patio, and outdoor activities such as camping, garden dinner, park picnic, etc.
Hanko will design, develop and manufacture more and more new garden lights. More and more wholesalers and importers like to cooperate with us, because we welcome your new designs and new ideas, and we are willing to customize them for you.

Why must choose Hanko Solar Candle Light?

HANKO better quality outdoor flameless candles

We are the first factory in the world to develop and mass-produce Solar Candles, obtaining a patent in China. Our Solar Candles (LED Flameless Candle) are of fine quality, suitable for using individually / directly on the table or on the floor, and could be used inside the outdoor garden lanterns;

And our Battery Operated Candles (LED Flameless Candle) is also our special, also with patent in China, and could be for indoor and outdoor use, could be used individually / directly on the table or on the floor, and could be used inside the indoor and outdoor lanterns. And furthermore, our Battery Operated Candles are usually with 5-hour Timer function, with this function, we could use it more conveniently, and could save energy.

It's really a wise choice to use our Solar Candles and Battery Operated Candles to decorate your home / garden.
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    We are a real factory / manufacturer ever since 2001. And we have Plastic Injection Workshop, Metal Workshop, Electronics Workshop, Assembling Workshop, and Packing Workshop, and with a large Warehouse.
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    We only produce fine quality products. We are always trying to be different from the other regular factories, we focus more on strict quality control. And our products are widely accepted and trusted by various customers such as Costco, Target, CTC, QVC etc….
  • REACH-1     sccp-1     sccp1-1   ip44-1
    We gain many of the necessary certificates & qualification, such as CE, ROHS, ISO9001, BSCI etc., our products could enter different countries / markets smoothly, especially in North American countries and European countries.
  • Solar candles are made of translucent plastic materials, and solar panels are installed inside the candles. In addition, it is connected with a NI-MH rechargeable battery. These solar candles are placed in windows or anywhere outdoors where they absorb sunlight throughout the day so that you can enjoy a warm glow at night.
    During the day, solar panels absorb sunlight to recharge the batteries, and at night they will automatically light up and maintain the lighting time of 6-8 hours.
  • Solar candles are typically made from plastic. The biggest character of this material is water-resistant and does not corrode. And the outdoor candles are with the warterproof system which is conbined rubber pad and rubber sleeves. These protect the candles from the damage of the water or rain.
    So, solar candles are waterproof. You can keep them in the garden,
    even on rainy days. Occasional splashes won't damage thecandles. Thus,these candles are durable and long-lasting.
  • Most people find the greatest benefits of LED candles to be the safetfy factors, the ease and convenience of operation and the reduced cost compared to traditional candles. The risk of open flames has cause many local governments to outlaw traditional candles inside public spaces and many families have removed them from their homes, creating a perfect opportunity for flameless candles.

  • As a professional outdoor candles manufacturer, we can answer this question for you. For outdoor candles, they must firstly be weatherproof and corrosion resistant. We recommend Hanko's battery operated candles and solar flameless candles. They are weatherproof and use PP material to meet all your needs for outdoor candles.

  • Battery life on flameless candles varies by type of candle, brightness of the light and type and number of batteries used. Most of our pillar candles require four (4) AA batteries (usually not included) with a total battery life of approximately 450 hours. Taper candles take two (2) AAA batteries lasting about 250 hours and both tea lights and votives come with CR2032 batteries lasting between 100-150 hours each. As with many things, in buying batteries, you get what you pay for. Using Duracell batteries will last longer than using off-brand or store-brand batteries. If your candle uses a remote, it is best to turn the candle in the "Off" position at the bottom of the candle if you aren't going to be using it for a while. Leaving it in the "On" position, even if you turn it off with a remote, will still drain the battery as the candle listens passively for another remote command.

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